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    The low_freq/ directory contains average power readings for both the two power mains and the individual circuits of the house (eventually, this will also contain plug loads for houses with individual plug monitors). The data is logged at a frequency of about once a second for a mains and once every three seconds for the circuits. The main directory consists of several house_i directories, each of which contain all the power readings for a single house. Each house subdirectory consists of a labels.dat and several channels_i.dat files. The labels file contains channel numbers and a text label indicating the general category of device on this channel. Each channel_i.dat file contains UTC timestamps (as integers) and power readings (recording the apparent power of the circuit) for the channel. The high_freq/ directory contains AC waveform data for the power mains and a single phase of the voltage for the home. Because the voltage signal in most homes is approximately sinusoidal (unlike the current signals, which can vary substantially from a sinusoidal wave), we find zero-crossings of the voltage signal to isolate a single cycle of the AC power. For the time spanned by this single cycle, we record both the current and voltage signals, and report this entire waveform. However, because the waveforms remain approximately constant for long periods of time, we only report the current and voltage waveforms at "change points" in the signal. The high_freq/ directory contains a subdirectory for each house, each of which contain current_1.dat, current_2.dat, and voltage.dat files. The data files are text files, where each line contains: - A decimal UTC timestamp, in the same format as the timestamps for the low frequency data, but allowing for fractional parts - A cycle count. Although this is represented in the file as a double, it is in fact an integer that indicates for how many AC cycles this particular waveform remains - 275 decimal values, indicating the value of the waveform (in amps or volts), at equally-spaced portions of the cycle More details in:

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