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This document describes the initial release of REDD, a data set for energy disaggregation. The data contains power consumption from real homes, for the whole house as well as for each individual circuit in the house (labeled by the main type of appliance on that circuit). The data is intended for use in developing disaggregation methods, whichcan predict, from only the whole-home signal, which devices are being used (though any other uses are of course encouraged as well).

The latest version of the data set will be available at:

For an overview of the data collection procedures and a description of algorithms see: J. Zico Kolter and Matthew J. Johnson. REDD: A public data set for energy disaggregation research. In proceedings of the SustKDDworkshop on Data Mining Applications in Sustainability, 2011.

All those wishing to reference the data set in academic work should cite this paper.

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    The low_freq/ directory contains average power readings for both the two power mains and the individual circuits of...

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