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"This dataset was generated for the FP7 project DAIAD. It contains SWM time-series for 1,007 consumers of water utility AMAEM (located in Alicante), randomly selected from the ~110,000 available smart water meters in Alicante with only criteria their geospatial proximity with the project's Trial panel.

Each time series starts at 01/01/2015 at 00:00 and ends at 19/05/2017 at 23:59. The data from 01/01/2015 00:00 until the beginning of the Trial were provided and uploaded in the DAIAD system in a single batch. Each time series contains hourly measurements of the water consumption of a household, along with the exact time the measurement was taken. Each measurement contains the total volume of water consumed since the installation of the SWM as well as the volume of water consumed since the last measurement was taken. The dataset includes 16,857,056 measurements in total, which amounts to 16,739 measurements per user.

More details for the dataset can be found in the D7.3 Deliverable of the project DAIAD ("

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    "The dataset comprises a set of records, with each record consisting of four fields: The first field contains the...

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