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"The established 'School Study Earthquakes' (SSE) network of schools in South Eastern Europe and Turkey, monitor and study real-time earth-quake data from 10 seismological stations that are located in schools at Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Turkey. In addition to these SSE network stations, 7 more schools in Greece are participating in the network and provide real time earthquake recordings. Each network station employs the TC1 educational seismometer especially designed for educational purposes and easily assembled by teachers and children. In addition, at each educational seismological station the real time earthquake waveforms are collected by a Windows PC supported with Arduino Drivers and the educational Jamaseis, Winquake and Seis- Gram2K60_SCHOOL, earthquake waveform analysis tools. This data are may shared via Teamviewer amongst the network of schools and in this respect teachers play a key role in developing and applying innovative educational tools, in-order to stimulate the interest of students in seismology, physics and mathematics, especially in earthquake prone regions in Southeastern Europe.

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    The dataset contains earthquake waveform files in SAC format as recorded by the SSE project partners. Each SAC file...

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